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Stem Cell Anti-aging Cleansing Milk
This cleansing milk contains special cleansing and moisture-preserving components. It creates a soft and fluffy lather which can remove dirt, residue from make up and pollutants from the surface of the skin.


Stem Cell Anti-aging Miracle Essential Cream
Formulated with apple stem cell extract, this cream helps accelerate skin metabolism t123123o reduce aging and sagging problems through restoring the skin structure.

How to use

Apply the product to the face and neck area. Massage until fully absorbed. The packaging contacts a refill of the Stem Cell Anti-aging Miracle Essential Cream. After finishing the original tube, unscrew the lid, remove and discard the finished tube. Remove the sealing cap of the refill and put it into the packaging. Screw the lid on.

Stem Cell Anti-Aging Series

Apple stem cell is a brand new anti-aging concept that can activate the protection system of skin. Other valuable ingredients of this series include essence of Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3, Idebenone, DNA and polypeptide. This series can deeply reform the structure of skin and facilitate metabolism to energize and revitalize skin.